SN Model  Description    
1 NV6000 Electricity Lab
Trainer  includes  all  the  Basic  Electrical  Fundamentals  and  various  laws  like  Ohms law,  KVL , KCL,
Faraday law,  Lenz's law,  Oersted experiment, Solderless  connections, Complete  set  of  coils  and  
cores  to  understand  the basics   of  electromagnetic   induction  and  transformers, Provided  with  a  
component box  to  perform  all  the  experiments,  CBT  covering  all  the   experiments.
3 NV 6008 Wind energy trainer
4 NV6005 Solar Energy Trainer
This trainer include Voltmeter & Ammeter, conversion of Light Energy into Electrical Energy.
 Photovolatic action & Charging of battery, glow of lamp, fan, FM radio and various applications
5 NV6109 Ultrasonic Measurement traine
11 NV6101 Hall Effect Training System  
This include n-type Ge Crystal with Oven, In As Sensor, with Constant Current  Supply ( 0-3A)
with Measurement Unit, with Gauss and Tesla Meter ,Hall voltage
16 NV6106 Semiconductor Energy Band Gap
Ge semiconductor diode
20 NV 6040 Young's Modulus Setup 
21 NV 6501 Diode Characterstics Trainer
22 ST 2506 Laser Trainer
23 ST 2501 Elementary fibre Optics trainer
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